Editing JSON

I had some modifications to make in some very large JSON files in multiple locations that have no formatting at all. I’m pretty good with vi, but I’d rather not do that more than once. So I did what any lazy engineer would do: I scripted it. And I learned some things.

Kuna, ID

After living in Vancouver, WA for over 20 years the next chapter of our lives will be happening in Kuna, ID. Our new house is a couple weeks from being ready to move in and we’re in an Airbnb until then.

OMZ Plugins

I’m a huge fan of the oh-my-zsh plugin manager for zsh and I can’t say enough good things about it, but I’ll come back to that.

In the meantime, let’s talk about all my must-have plugins.

Time Off

It’s been a while since I’ve taken some contiguous days off from work. The last couple times I’ve driven the family to Idaho to see the in-laws/grandparents I’ve just taken the day of the drive up and back off because I knew I’d be totally out-of-pocket for the day. But the days in between I worked from there on my laptop.

Show Your Work

This really could have had a lot of titles, but I wanted to talk about sourcing information that you use and relay to other people.

I really try to write down as much of what I learn as I can because one of the things that I’m very worried about it is passing along information that’s not vetted and that I’m sure about. If I don’t have first-hand knowledge of something I’ll make sure I either let the person know before I tell them or it’ll come immediately after.

Netflix Workflow

I’ve been playing with Alfred quite a bit lately and of course I needed a quick way to launch my favorite Netflix shows for that sweet sweet downtime.

Slack Markdown Formatting

I changed my Slack configuration to use markdown only because darn it I’m good at markdown and now it sort flows right off the fingers. It even got me a little more real estate back with the missing font buttons along the top of the message bar. Everything seemed to work until this morning when I tried to add a link to the message.

Parameter Expansion

Every time I would sit down to write a shell script and pull out the usual slicing and dicing utilities like sed and cut I would be reminded that shells were more sophisticated now and there were ways to do minor tweaking to strings without anything more than built-in variable expansion.

Remove Posting Friction

I spent a lot of this weekend playing and setting up Alfred to automate all the things. I also met with Allena and Justine from the #100devs crew and we talked about blogging as a means of getting yourself out there and showing people how you work & how you think. The irony that I hadn’t updated my own blog in a while was not lost on me.