Kuna, ID

After living in Vancouver, WA for over 20 years the next chapter of our lives will be happening in Kuna, ID. Our new house is a couple weeks from being ready to move in and we’re in an Airbnb until then.

OMZ Plugins

I’m a huge fan of the oh-my-zsh plugin manager for zsh and I can’t say enough good things about it, but I’ll come back to that.

In the meantime, let’s talk about all my must-have plugins.

Time Off

It’s been a while since I’ve taken some contiguous days off from work. The last couple times I’ve driven the family to Idaho to see the in-laws/grandparents I’ve just taken the day of the drive up and back off because I knew I’d be totally out-of-pocket for the day. But the days in between I worked from there on my laptop.

Show Your Work

This really could have had a lot of titles, but I wanted to talk about sourcing information that you use and relay to other people.

I really try to write down as much of what I learn as I can because one of the things that I’m very worried about it is passing along information that’s not vetted and that I’m sure about. If I don’t have first-hand knowledge of something I’ll make sure I either let the person know before I tell them or it’ll come immediately after.

Netflix Workflow

I’ve been playing with Alfred quite a bit lately and of course I needed a quick way to launch my favorite Netflix shows for that sweet sweet downtime.

Slack Markdown Formatting

I changed my Slack configuration to use markdown only because darn it I’m good at markdown and now it sort flows right off the fingers. It even got me a little more real estate back with the missing font buttons along the top of the message bar. Everything seemed to work until this morning when I tried to add a link to the message.

Parameter Expansion

Every time I would sit down to write a shell script and pull out the usual slicing and dicing utilities like sed and cut I would be reminded that shells were more sophisticated now and there were ways to do minor tweaking to strings without anything more than built-in variable expansion.

Remove Posting Friction

I spent a lot of this weekend playing and setting up Alfred to automate all the things. I also met with Allena and Justine from the #100devs crew and we talked about blogging as a means of getting yourself out there and showing people how you work & how you think. The irony that I hadn’t updated my own blog in a while was not lost on me.