Learn With Me

Previously I had a blog at mrxinu.com and it didn’t get updated very often (read: not at all). I’m starting afresh here with this blog with the goal of writing something every other day at minimum about something I’ve learned or am in the midst of learning.

I’m not going to wait until I have a complete work to post or some epiphany or revelation. I’m going to post as I go, even when I’m struggling, because the struggle is part of the journey too. Here are some of the things I had queued up from the last time I did this:

  • Speaking ill of technologies you don’t use
  • Using ngrok for testing servers in Go
  • Using pre-request scripts in Postman to generate timestamps
  • The dreaded smart quotes and how to prevent them from eating your lunch

It’s a start, but I have a ton of content that I’ve been building up internally in something I’ve affectionately named The Book of Steve. Very little of it is proprietary.