Pomodoros Revived

I logged into my laptop a couple mornings ago to find that a couple pieces of software stopped working. Evidently they started triggering issues in the Falcon agent (meaning it was unhappy with something it was doing).

Fast forward to having my favorite Focus application uninstalled but being offered an alternative that does both application and website blocking in addition to my old favorite: pomodoros!

I hadn’t used pomodoros in a while because the 25-minute duration didn’t quite work for me consistently but I decided to give it another go and I’m glad I did. The nice thing about this new app (if you pony up for the one-time $20 fee) is that it will optionally write records to your default calendar.

I didn’t realize how effective that would be and those pretty little 25-minute labeled slices on my calendar indicating I had actually moved in a good direction were addictive.

Now I’m looking at that 45m gap until my next meeting and thinking to myself: I could get a pomo in and still have time to go to the bathroom and get a fresh drink.